Monday’s confession of faith

Walking with Jesus

I probably look like I always love him and I never doubt And for many months this can be true   For many months the thought of him is sweet and I believe his words and am So happy to be part of his family The Bible is alive and the Lord’s Supper full of […]

February 13, 2017

The Monday after

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It’s Monday and I awake with a headache, facing too many tasks on too little sleep. We’re headed into the crazy month of August… fire hall training, fostering training, an editing project, a taste-test project, a ten-day visitor, beans and peaches to can, back to school, two weekend trips and a daughter’s birthday. Today I […]

August 4, 2014

Two mites

Out and about

Confession: My least favorite part of church is taking up the offering. This has nothing to do with how we take it up (into innocent wicker-and-burgundy-felt baskets) or when (slipped between the announcements and the songs), or who or how much or why… No. It’s all about the drama. You see, we give our sons […]

August 18, 2013

Owning home

Life around home

Confession: I can’t help but wonder if it is this way for everyone— if the sound of singing at your own church on a Sunday morning is deep comfort and healing like the smell of your own home and the feel of your favorite blanket. We returned to sorrow and joy interwoven: birth and healing, […]

August 11, 2013

Sunday mornings

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I sat beside him long ago when the brush of his sleeve against mine sent fire all down my body. I sat beside him hundreds of times when his arm was solid and comforting against my own. I sat beside him when there was such pain between us I shied away from the softest touch of […]

July 1, 2013

A room in the house

People, Walking with Jesus

Side notes: First of all, thanks to those of you who shared glimpses from personal experience—I am honored by your honesty. You round out the discussion in ways I cannot. I want you to know that in all I say, I am not trying to pressure anyone into a box. My goal is not to […]

June 1, 2013