Giveaway results

I’m happy to announce that Renee Shafer is the winner of Silent Grief: Hope for Surviving Early Miscarriage! Thanks to all who entered!


Those who didn’t win may purchase Silent Grief for $2.99 here on Kindle or here on PDF for $2.99. Kendra says it’s also coming soon in a printed form, so stay tuned for that; I’ll do my best to let you know!

In case any of you wonder about my giveaway policies, here are a few clarifications.

No one is entered twice, even if she comments twice on the thread. I want you to be able to respond to another person’s comment (or have Kendra or I respond to yours) without being re-entered. My husband usually copies all the commenters into a spreadsheet document so we can check for and remove duplicates, as well as any comments from the hostesses.

Someone always whines about (I use “whine” in the best possible sense), but I have known the Lord Jesus to work quite well in the middle of “random” events. The winner is always chosen as impartially as possible. In this case, it was by way of a  piece of paper drawn from a bowl. I can’t do that when there are a hundred or more entries.

That’s all! Thanks for entering the giveaway—and if you’re really into shopping, check out our sidebar ads for great coffee, CSA shares in the Lancaster area, and financial services.


Warning of forthcoming sin

Confession: I’m going to commit an unforgiveable sin this week. Two of them.

I’m going to host another giveaway tomorrow.

And then I’m going to publish a post that contains the word “gluten.” And a bad word.*

*Unless of course I get cold feet, a health condition I am much prone to.

I have to give this disclaimer ahead of time, for my own sanity and for conscience’ sake. I have always hosted giveaways at least a month apart, to discourage greed in you and commercialism in me. This is intentional and I prefer to keep it that way.

Giveaways boost my stats temporarily, but I have given up faith that they matter much in the long run. I now host them as a means to an end: for you to discover and I to defend the products and authors I care about. {Still, it is fun to watch you come out of your holes.}

And the other post? I am a mercy person and much less forthright in real life than in writing. I am perpetually afraid of offending someone, and I have gotten gun-shy in writing as well, lest something hit the fan. But sometimes when even a mercy person gets tweaked so long, she stands up on her soapbox and preaches like a boss.

I suspect that I cause offense to at least half of you at least half of the time—not that you are deeply disturbed by what I say, but that it means nothing to you. Those of you who love my occasional humor and clear-headedness are probably bored to tears by my crafts and recipes. Those of you who love my hands-on projects probably wish I’d get off my theology already. It is the cost of having a popcorn blog: whatever comes to mind in the wide, wide world.

I’m considering renaming my blog Something For Everyone: Shari Zook’s Collection of the Bizarre, the Outdated, and the Macabre.

And the purists who want me innocent may object to the mercenary side of advertising.

Sometimes I object to it too. I am thinking on it, and welcome your input. Meanwhile I do not mind advertising products I actually love, however apologetic I may feel about the timing.

Matthew at Christian Learning Resource said their big push on this brand new cookbook is now, actually—just in time for Christmas—and there’s free shipping until December 10— And I said “Yes of course. I’d love to host a giveaway.”

So here we are. Hang in there. Push back on me when you think I’m getting lopsided or big-headed. And ignore the parts of me you don’t like. This is just a blog: that’s your prerogative.

Plus, I ignore the parts of me I don’t like all the time. Let’s ignore me together.

Till tomorrow then!


Any thoughts? I’m listening.


Hello folks! Today I’d like to introduce you to two good reads, recently available online.

First, I’m happy to announce the new blog of my friend Stephanie J. Leinbach. (Yes, the J. is important.) Some of you know of her already through her book “Light My Candle: Prayers in the Darkness of Miscarriage.”

She is now blogging here, and I think you’ll enjoy it! She’s a good woman and a talented writer. She is also dealing with severe epilepsy in her four-year-old daughter, who is tentatively heading toward brain surgery (more of that story here). Perhaps you could join me in remembering her family in prayer?


Secondly, I’m proud and happy to say that my brother John Coblentz Jr. recently published an e-book for nurses. It’s called RN P.U.L.S.E.: Practical Understanding for Learning, Study, and Education.

Designed for student nurses, it’s a concise collection of organized, categorized data. It covers a wide variety of topics, offering printable information cards and facts at your fingertips.

I call it an entirely superb “cheat sheet,” catching the big stuff and making it easy to grasp, access, and remember.



This post contains an affiliate link.

New stuff on our sidebar!

You always knew this would happen, right?

You knew that sooner or later, the pristine purity of my writing would be compromised by the cold world of materialistic capitalism, and I would become a puppet writer for Mennonite businesses.

Yep. That day is upon us. From here on out it’s going to be all about Jadebeansarethebestintheworld and TryKauffman’samazingcider.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at our new sidebar! —->

By a strange twist of fate, I am quite excited about this advertising experiment, and I hope you will be too! To the many labels I could give my blogging (fun, therapeutic, interactive, rewarding) I am trying to add this one: productive. Forgive me for this. If we all hate it, we will stop. Promise.

What I did is I handpicked some businesses I think you’ll love. {I would so much rather do it this way, with products I actually like and trust, than sign up for a random and irritating ad service that is going to display products I object to on moral, spiritual, and sensible grounds.} I’m happy to introduce these good businesses to you lovely people, and happy to give you access to some wonderful products and services without obligating you to something. You are the most important people on this blog, and you don’t have to do anything to make this work for me.

Don’t worry. I intend to continue writing on any topic I wish including church denominations and birth control.* I am still my quirky nonsensical slightly irreverent deeply devoted to Jesus self.

(If that in itself worries you, I have no further comment to make.)

Read more on my Ad Policy page. And then, if you like, pop on over to see what these first two businesses are about, and the good stuff they offer… and watch out for more, coming in the next weeks and months.

Let the games begin!


* Okay, well now maybe I’m not THAT brave.