Sister series finale

People / Friday, June 8th, 2012


…is one of my most culturally-aware sisters. Her clothes, food, and accessories are always chic. Mine are—well, let’s say not chic but cheap. I remember the first time we laughed about this together. We were on an extended family camping trip. Rose had all the gear: a brand-new tent complete with an air mattress, full bedding, a fan, and a clever new lantern. I had—um, a borrowed tent that was falling apart, a few blankets spread on hard ground, and mismatched luggage. We sat and laughed, and ironically, I became more okay with being me. I admire her taste very much, the way she carefully purchases things she really loves, and keeps them immaculate. But I learned it’s okay to be Shari. Sometimes differences teach too.


…taught me that you can eat chocolate cake for breakfast.

And that pumpkins make the best home décor in the fall, sitting in charming places about your house—even atop a sparkling toilet.

And that the best way to get to know your sister is to careen all over Lancaster County together fabric shopping, just the two of you.

Kim is one of my heroes for the spunk she shows. Where I back down, she comes up punching. Where I’m afraid to stand out, she just is herself. She’s fun and creative and caring, a petite girl with a tall persona.

When we went fabric shopping, I came home with all these summery pinks and yellows and florals—choices flavored by Kim. Some of them weren’t really me at all, or hadn’t been till that day, but afterwards I wore them and loved them all.

End of series

Confession: I hate writing series. I didn’t realize that till halfway through this one. No question that I love my sisters and I wanted to finish, but… now I know. I hate writing on a schedule, even when I love what I’m writing about. I’m guessing you hate reading on a shedule, too. Let’s forgive each other and learn what we can.

Question: What have your sisters taught you?

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Mom Coblentz
10 years ago

Great series…I loved them! I need to learn to know this girl who can eat chocolate cake for breakfast. Whew…I could get in to that!!

10 years ago

Thank you for your kinds words Shari. You are way too nice. You really do have a way with words. Things I learned from you…Being calm is something I need to learn, taking time to enjoy the smaller things in life, taking time to read a book cover to cover, learning to listen, it can be simple & extravagent all at the same time & so much more. By the way, I had a granola bar for breakfast that had m&m’s in it. I know it isn’t chocolate cake but it’s still chocolate right?