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Promotions / Friday, September 7th, 2018

While I’m on the advertising topic, here’s another great opportunity I’d like to share.

I am in love with planners. Physical, textual, paper-full, colorful, logistical planners in which to write All The Things. For the past few years, I’ve used and loved The Time Keeper. But I’m ready to step up to a larger planner, with more options.

My sister-in-law Chastin recommended Plum Paper, a website offering highly customizable, personal planners.

Here are some of the things you get to choose about your Plum Paper planner:

  • Size of the book
  • Cover pattern and color (wide range of florals, geometrics, brush strokes, and more)
  • Cover text (monogram, date, your name if desired)
  • Starting month – to orient around calendar year, school year, or fiscal year
  • Vertical or horizontal layout
  • Weekly spread (see below)
  • Add-ons

The weekly spread has a lot of customizations available. I like the ME choice, where each day is given seven slots that you can custom title as you wish. Example: devotions, morning, afternoon, evening, menus, fitness, to-do, etc. Or you can pick the simpler MAE choice: morning, afternoon, and evening slots for each day.

You can also name the sidebars of your page. Task list or grocery list? Notes, prayer requests, or blank?

The add-ons are even more fun. There are section add-ons like “My Home” or “Direct Sales” or “Homeschool” or “Prayer” or “Gratitude” where you get an entire tabbed section added to the back of the planner. (Each month is already color-tabbed.) Or you can distribute add-ons throughout the year, like monthly cleaning pages or bill tracking pages or blank pages for notes.

Finally, you can add extra accessories to go with your planner, like stickers or sticky notes, snap-in dry erase dashboards, paper clips, pen and pencil loops, and more.

This site is soo fun to play with. You should design a book even if you’re not going to order it! They are not cheap planners, but they are not outrageous either – $30-$60 for a customized planner doesn’t strike me as highway robbery. That’s three to five dollars a month. You could probably choose more expensive ones, but I maxed out my page number on the medium size at $60.

So… I have an offer for you. Plum Paper doesn’t have an affiliate program, but they have a referral program. If you’re at all interested in trying their products, I can have a referral email sent to you that will give you a coupon code for 10% off your first purchase of $30 or more. For each of you that makes a purchase using the code, I will get $10 in store credit. (You can refer more friends and get the same rate yourself!)

EDIT: This coupon code is valid only for first time users – that means if you’ve never signed up for Plum Paper before. The site uses cookies to track customers. If you have previously created an account, the referral discount will not apply.

What do you think? If you’re interested in getting the coupon email to see what Plum Paper is like, tell me so in the comments below. (No obligation to buy anything.) Also you don’t have to share your email address publicly on the blog; I can access it privately from your comment.

So far, the Plum Paper products I’ve previewed have looked amazing. I’m excited about giving this company a try!

27 Replies to “Coupon code for first time users: Plum Paper”

  1. I would be interested in looking that up!!! Sounds amazing… Love lists and planners etc but end up with to many different books.. this would be all in one… Lovely thought.

  2. I would also enjoy looking at this. It sounds very interesting and maybe will be the motivtion I need to keep up a planner!,

  3. I have loved the Time Keeper as well, but would like to look at this one. Can’t quite imagine the fun of/complication of, designing ones own planner…might need your help. ?

  4. I have to be honest I used plum paper for the 12 months I had it and I’m sad to say I won’t go back. I did the academic year because I personally really like going along with the children’s school schedule. I also added a lot of extras. Which I never used, it felt too overwhelming. I prefer simple. I did however like all the customization you could do…. but the column set up is not for me. I seem to write too much. I also found that I do better with a ongoing to do list for the week (like in the Time Keeper planner) and the paper used in the plum paper was really slippery and certain pens would smear on it. So for me I’m back with the good faithful Time Keeper planner, which I love more than ever!

    1. Aw, really? I figured you were hooked for life!
      Good to know that simple is better and the add-ons can get excessive.

      I still want to try it because there are always a few things about a planner that are just. not. quite. right. that I want to tweak. And I prefer not to keep multiple books I’m writing in – like separate tablets for prayer/gratitude/brainstorming/etc.

      I know I’ll use the weekly spread the most. We have so many appointments to keep straight, and I need more space…! 🙁 But I am keeping a weekly to-do list on the sidebar; I loved that feature in the Time Keeper too and use it a lot. Who knows – I might be back with you next year! 🙂

  5. Shari, I, too, have a Plum Paper Me planner in my shopping cart, but would greatly appreciate a coupon code to offset the cost. Thank you!

  6. Shari, I am trying this again with a different email address and with nothing in a Plum Paper shopping cart, hoping that maybe the coupon code will work. Thanks for trying again!

    1. No problem – they accepted that one so we’ll see! Thanks for getting back with me. You’ll have to follow the referral link in the email they send you.

  7. Hi, everybody! I’ve decided to close this offer, as some readers are having trouble getting the discount. The discount doesn’t involve a promo code, just an invitation to sign up for Plum Paper, and if you’ve already gone that far, you can’t get the discount through my referral.

    Thanks to everyone for their interest. Let me know how your Plum Paper planner works for you!

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