The astonishing things I heard

Today I heard I have a brand-new niece. I feel radiant with joy, especially that I got to see her and snuggle that sweet bundle in my arms.

Today I heard that the silly little gift I sent on request to my friend Luci yesterday was helpful. She remembered a song my parents sang years ago, but not well, and asked if I would send her a brief-solo-by-way-of-facebook-messenger. Wow, that stretched me. I stepped out during church to record it, and because of the time difference, she and her husband learned it in time to sing it for their church to match her husband’s sermon on identity. Can you believe that? Modern technology is amazing.

Today I heard that my dear friend and mentor’s father passed away, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. I feel happy for his successful end of life, and sad for her family.

Today I heard that I get to host a delicious giveaway on this blog, coming soon. I feel excited.

Today I heard words of comfort from people who know about difficult things. I feel encouraged.

Today I heard that the twins we love and fostered are finally free for adoption into the home of our friends. I feel wistful, but also delighted out of my mind.

Today I heard that if I don’t speak until I have something to say that will astonish the whole room (cf. Pride and Prejudice), I’ll never find it easy to say anything at all. I am not sure what I feel about that.

Today I can’t help hoping I don’t hear any more news. You never know what it will be…

What was your news of the day?

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5 years ago

What a news-filed day of all tenors! A brand new girl was born to my cousin & his wife yesterday as well. New life is such joyful news! Sadly I didn’t get to snuggle her though since she’s seven hours away.

5 years ago

My news is that we need to be at the hospital at 6:15 tomorrow morning to remove the pins from Jed’s leg. I feel excited and anxious (he didn’t do well coming out of anesthesia last time). I’m curious if the niece is Josh and April’s–since you already got to snuggle her. 🙂

5 years ago

If I heard any news today, I’ve already forgotten. I am in survival mode with my first foster daughter, trying to find my way through all the love and pain and confusion and lack of sleep.

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