The Time Keeper PMM

Or, “The Time Keeper: Post-Market Modifications and Other Digressions.”


I really love my Time Keeper.

There are two things I do to make it even more user-friendly for me. I suppose I could suggest these to its creator, but they seem like the kind of thing not everyone would like.

1. I snip the corners as I go, so I can easily find my place.

time keeper 4

time keeper 3

2. And I create a little envelope for my Aldi quarter, and glue it inside the front flyleaf.

time keeper

time keeper  2

You have no idea how hard it is for me to keep an Aldi quarter on hand.

Those of you who shop at Aldi know this: you have to put a quarter in the cart before you take it, your little pledge to return the cart (and reclaim your quarter) so as not leave it out in the parking lot. They are uber-smart, these German grocers. I’ve been watching and researching their business policies, and I have to say I’m impressed. But I digress.

You would think it would be easy to keep a quarter tucked in the van for such a time as this. You would think.

But you would be wrong.

In fact a quarter is often in demand, for parking meters in town or for slot machines that dispense candy to children who have been good while shopping. (Did I say that out loud?) The quarter grows wings.

For a long time, God and I had a little game going in which I forgot my Aldi quarter and He came up with creative ways to supply it. This amused and inspired me for a long time, until I thought how irresponsible I was being and started carrying one with me.

Often, a stranger would offer me a cart and then say “Just take it! I don’t want your quarter.” (Not that I had one.) Or I’d find a cart outside the store without an owner, just sitting there waiting. Once I had a dollar bill with me, and changed it at the cash register. (If you knew how seldom I carry cash you would appreciate this more.)

Once I was driving to town and God nudged me in the middle of me thinkingaboutsomethingelse.

How about that Aldi quarter?

Oh NOO, I’d forgotten again!

This one’s going to be good, He said.

And it was. When I pulled into the lot, a lady was up fumbling with her cart near the other carts. By the time I got out of my van and approached her, she was ramming her cart into the other carts, shoving and shoving. She said, “I can’t get it to go in. Do you want to take it? I don’t want your quarter.”

I said “Yes! Thank you!”

And then I looked underneath. There was a large cardboard box getting smooshed between her cart and the next one.

Yes, I laughed out loud.

But it also made me feel kind of like a taker, especially after I witnessed The String Cheese Incident, which has nothing to do with the Time Keeper and does not belong in this post. I will tell it to you next time, I think… Should I do it before or after I host a giveaway for the prettiest object this blog has ever seen??

Now I tuck my quarter in that little envelope and do not pull it out except in the parking lot of Aldi. I always have my planner along in town, because that is where my shopping list lives. So. Am I quenching the Spirit in creating a little pocket of security, or am I presuming on His grace to be careless about carrying what I know I will need?

How do you modify your planner?
I just asked you three questions. They are important, and you may answer them all.
Or not…

Giveaway: the Time Keeper

Hello dear people. Look what I have…

time keeper 3

I’m happy to announce that we have a giveaway opening today, for a 2015 copy of the Time Keeper! Anyone who has used this planner before probably loves it enough that I could skip the advertising and cut straight to the giving, eh?

This year’s version is crazy gorgeous.

time keeper 1

And you should be proud of me for taking such cute pictures, considering the shaking going on beneath my set, and the difficulty of keeping his tail off the photos…

drama 1

…and this distracting darling in the background.

drama 2

Where was I? Oh yes, right here. Sans animals and cute humans.

time keeper 1

For those of you who don’t know, the Time Keeper is a yearly planner designed by a Mennonite mom of four, Starla Kreider. It’s beautiful inside and out. I love its simple, practical design—I’ve experimented with more complex planners and I keep coming back to this one. There’s a full-page spread for every week of the year, as well as monthly calendars, brainstorming spaces, inspirational quotes, note pages, and enough perforated blank shopping lists to last the whole year.


I’m so excited to give a free copy to one of you. (The other copy is my own. Not available for anyone for love, money, or chocolate.)

Better still, we have a back-up option for the not-winners of this giveaway! Starla is offering a $1.00 refund {on her website} {to my readers} for every Time Keeper purchased before midnight on October 9. That gives you three days after the giveaway closes. When you place your order, watch for the option to “Add special instructions to the seller.” Leave Starla a note saying you’re ordering from the Confessions giveaway, and she’ll enclose a dollar refund with every brand new planner!

They make beautiful gifts.

More good news?

For anyone who’s local to the Meadville area, our favorite bookstore Christian Learning Resource is also offering the same discount: $1.00 off any Time Keeper purchased by October 15! Yay! So stop by and make sure to mention the Confessions giveaway for your special rate. You’ll have a full week and a half after the giveaway closes.

time keeper 2

This calls for some champagne to celebrate, but I’m not a drinker so I’ll have to pour it out on the ground like David with the Bethlehem waters. I hope the Lord enjoys it.

What do I want out of you in return? Hmm. Let me think about that one. Someone told me I should ask you to share a link on social media for either Christian Learning Resource, the Time Keeper, or this blog. But I hate arm-twisting promotions. “Boost my boat and you just might win a chance…” Blech. So use your own judgment. But share the joy. If you know of someone who’d love a chance to win the Time Keeper, or buy it with a discount, please share the link or drop them an email. The more the merrier.

And drop me a comment here if you’d like to enter the giveaway. Let’s have some fun.

Update: Giveaway closed. Thanks for joining!


Giveaway ends in one week: Monday, Oct 6, 2014 at 12:00 noon.

Open to US residents only. I know this is not fair and I’m sorry; someday I will do a giveaway I can send anywhere in the world.

Winner will be chosen by