“Why I wish I were a Mennonite”

Confession: This almost seems egotistical for a Mennonite to link to. But a friend told me about it in the last month and I was blessed. I think we could probably take a moment to hear what Mr. Taylor had to say–to celebrate what we’re good at without forgetting we don’t have it all–

What do you think? Is he representing the Mennonites you know? What do you want to be known for?

Why I Wish I Were a Mennonite
by Aaron Taylor

Concerning love

To anyone who is worried about whether or not the psycho writer of this blog can be trusted, rest assured. She cannot. However, only in a single five minute period of frivolity has she ever deliberately posed here as someone she is not, say between the hours of 11:17 and 11:22 on a dark Wednesday night, for example.

She is being held in custody, pleads guilty, and says so help her if she ever does it again.

However, she has always wanted to throw a dozen eggs against a brick wall.

You’re in good hands. Relax!

—The Management

Tonight I share links to some snippets I’ve been enjoying: for your edification, amusement, outrage and delight.

I’m working up to something, probably tomorrow: a post on the myth of true love.

Yes, I said the “myth.” I did say “the myth.”



How I Met My Wife

–Writer Jack Winter plays with some English words never used without their opposing prefixes.

My Husband is Not My Soul Mate

—A great blog post shared by one Hannah on her first-year anniversary.

7 Things Every Woman Needs to Know about Relationships

7 Things Every Man Needs to Know about Relationships

–Relevant Magazine

It’s Not About the Nail

A comedy clip on male/female relationships, posted to YouTube by Jason Headley

Bisy. Backson.

Where does the title come from? Click here.


Confession: When people tell me that the universe is infinite, I don’t know what to say.

So I hold my tongue.

But it never seemed realistic to me than anything created could be spatially infinite. There are “ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands” of angels, for instance, but there is a number of them. If you counted them, you’d get to the end—as with the trees of the world, and the hairs on our heads, and the grains of sand. Why should the stars be different?

If you showed me a pit in a cavern and told me it was bottomless, I wouldn’t believe you. There’s always something at the end. Why should the sky be different?

I confess I sometimes wonder if we’re operating on a cataclysmically skewed calculation of distance. How can the light of stars a skegillion light years away have reached us here, already?

I wonder about these things.

Right now my task list is so nearly infinite that I haven’t had time to think, time to breathe, time to write…* but there’s an end to that too. And in between I’m listening to music that makes me cry and a youth pastor that makes me howl. Most days I am having a lot of fun. I want to tell you how much I love my sis-in-laws and about the Low Country Boil we did and the enormous pile of shrimp peels that ended up beside my plate… I want to tell you about the kids at VBS and their brown trusting eyes and funny sayings… I want to write about green beans and good deeds and fresh herbs, an (almost) infinite number of things—but I don’t have time.

It comforts me to think that if God did not create material infinity, I can’t either, and so this too shall pass.

* The three signs of life


Today, I offer a buffet of a few things I’ve been reading and viewing recreationally these last weeks. Enjoy!


Why Women Should Embrace a Good Enough Life, by Elsa Walsh

Enamored of the feminist movement as a young woman, Ms. Walsh discusses how it looks to her now, at age 55. Source: The Washington Post.


12 Scientifically Proven Steps to Happiness (and)

15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy

Dorcas Smucker linked to the first article, from The Purpose Fairy, which led me to the second. Interesting.


My First Legos

If you’re ever looking for a gift for a little person, check these out. Lego sells a simple line of “My First” sets–for $10-$15. Some are Duplo, so be careful unless you want that.


Mommy Dating

Warning: This one is slightly uncouth. It’s also strike-home-totally-hilarious-absolutely-true-too-good-to-keep-to-myself. If you’re a mom of toddlers, you’ll get it. Anyone else, read at your own risk. If you object I don’t want to hear it. Shared with me by a fourth base friend.

For women.


Dallas Willard interview

Shared by my parents and brother. Mr. Willard talks about joy, three months before his death earlier this month.


As always, I welcome your thoughts on any tangent.

What have you been reading and pondering lately? If you include a link, your comment will be “pending moderation.” Feel free to do so.

Enchanting trivia (or not…)

Confession: Some days the trivial is infuriating, and some days it brings the most satisfaction. Or humor. Or sheer joy.


Did you know that it is possible for a woman to trim three heads of hair and 80 nails in approximately one hour?


My little magnolia tree—the five-inch infant that got hit with hard frost the night after it was planted, the one I prayed and agonized over, the one I loved and whispered to, the one that dropped each of its leaves, one by one, and turned into a five-inch stick, that magnolia—grew a tiny bud.

Enter whoops of joy from Kelly and me.

She has contracted the strange habit of kissing baby trees. Wonder where she learned that.


If you live near these stores and are interested, check out the following sales:

  1. Home Depot’s 88¢ geraniums!
  2. Valu Home Center’s Tiki torches for $2.97!

Home Depot has patio torches for $3 as well, but I liked them less.


Confession: I have a mental list of “Urgent Items to Replace ASAP,” that somehow slips by very comfortably week after week. You, too? Why is that?

I won’t give you the whole list, just mention two. First, my home hair-clipping set, which sent Ryan through the roof 3x last night, causing much trauma to his head and to his wife’s self-esteem… He has become a Nazirite until the lady of the house purchases a new clipper.

Second, my aging vacuum cleaner that smells like arson each time I run it. Aarick nearly refuses to operate the thing. He thinks it’s gonna blow, and you know, I have fleeting thoughts along those lines as well.

My husband gave me permission weeks ago to buy a new vacuum. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Why is that?

(This snippet does not really belong in the happiness camp. I did not enjoy discovering the deficiencies of my clipper by drawing blood. I just enjoy questions that tickle my brain, and this is one of them. Now, the drama of the vacuum I do find rather fun… an innocent form of gambling.)


If you want to get really gooood cornbread, let your four-year-old do the stirring. I’m usually too impatient, and whisk-whisk-whisk. He took a wooden spoon and stirred very slowly, then stopped. It was the best we’ve ever made—tender and luscious, the perfect pairing for our taco soup with corn chips, shredded cheddar, and sour cream.


I found a very helpful tool online. I’m studying to teach 1 & 2 Thessalonians to our church ladies for the next three months. Here, Mark Copeland shares introductions, outlines, and FAQ’s for numerous book of the Bible—with permission to use his materials free of charge. I appreciate the Scriptural accuracy, the minimal human interpretation, and the quality of the outlines: parallel points and accessible wording.


My six-year-old chose to learn about MLK Jr. as one of many great summer projects recommended by his teacher. We chose some library books, and after reading them he asked if he could read the original I Have a Dream speech—his library book offered an online link. He was slightly stunned by the volume of text, so we read it aloud, stopping frequently for explanations. Confession: I had never read this speech before. What a brilliant man! Among a million quotes to ponder, here was my favorite this morning:

We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.


People say happiness has little to do with surroundings and much to do with viewpoint. The very thought makes me unhappy, because I have so far to go. Most of my days are overwhelmed instead of joyful. But some days I get a whiff of it: What if quality of life has little to do with wealth, circumstance, and velocity; and much to do with moments–savoring the glass of tea, the act of stirring, the smell of wind, the feel of dishwater, the slow ticking of time?

What trivia made you happy this week?